Perfect For All

VDNI Group will be a creative organization, caring about its employees and our environment. Our company perfect for all.

Who We Are

PT. Virtue Dragon Nickel Industry is a private company engaged in the smelter of nickel ore in Southeast Sulawesi, Indonesia

Powerful Skill

We always ensure all our manpower have experience and also professional skill. Healthy is our main concern

Export Pertama PT VDNI

PT Virtue Dragon Nickel Industry melakukan export pertama Ferronickel dimana proses loading dilakukan pada tanggal 28 Agustus 2017 dengan menggunakan sarana kapal laut MV Seiyo Sapphire. Export Pertama¬† Ferronickel PT Virtue Dragon Nickel Industry Ini adalah proses yang panjang namun dengan kerja keras dan tekad yang kuat untuk bisa memberikan yang terbaik, Export Ferronickel 7733 […]

About Us

PT. Virtue Dragon Nickel Industry (VDNI) established in August 2014 with its headquarter in Jakarta and a branch in Kendari, Southeast Sulawesi. VDNI mother company is De Long Nickel Co.LTD in JiangSu, China. Operating in industrial area at Konawe – Morosi, the most advanced and environtmetal friendly technology of RKEF, which is also known as […]